Casey & I are so excited to announce that…..


We’re both so excited to finally be announcing this to the world! We’ve been working on things to get us to the point of being able to say this & are ecstatic that we finally can!

Adoption has always been something that was on our hearts & something we knew we wanted to pursue one day. When we were strugglings to get pregnant a few years ago we had a lot of conversations about when we wanted to step into adopting, but we never saw it as a replacement or fix to our pregnancy struggles. We just knew it was one way we were called to grow our family.

After we got the infertility diagnosis last year giving us answers to all our pregnancy struggles, we knew that it was time to step into adopting. We feel so strongly that we are called to be parents, so it became apparently clear that adoption would be the way we would see our that dream realized.

For the past 10 months, we have been working to get to the point where we can confidently say we’re adopting. We hired a wonderful consultant to help us navigate the process last April, started working on our home study last July & as of Tuesday, March 6th, our home study was final! It took us longer than we wanted to become home study approved but in the end, it was actually perfect timing because there was just so much going on in our world including me changing jobs, us moving to a bigger apartment, and so much more. There was also a whole heck of a lot of fear holding us back from filling out all our home study paperwork. We were scared we just wouldn’t get approved, anxious they would tell us we have too much debt or find something else deeming us unfit to be parents. All the what ifs really held us back. By the end of November, we knew we needed to just hunker down, trust that God’s timing was perfect, and just get it our home study done.

Which brings us to today. I’m actually writing this as I sit in our chair in our nursery. We have a freaking nursery! In our home! There’s a nursery in our home! I still can’t believe it. This room is my favorite room in our entire apartment. I walk by it often, stepping in to dream & wonder who the little one will be that takes over this room one day.


Being able to say these words has been a long time coming… We are going to be freaking parents! Things are happening in the Link home & we couldn’t be more excited. We know this journey will be hard but it will also be so good.

We have decided to go the route of a Domestic Infant Adoption. But we can’t do this alone. There are a lot of fees to be paid when adopting; there are agency & legal fees & medical expenses that have to be taken care of. The entire adoption process could cost us around or up to $45,000. We don’t want funds to be what holds us back from this journey, so we are ready and willing yo de everything it takes to meet our goal. We hope you will consider joining us in our efforts! There are grants specifically for adoption we will be applying for but we still need your help too. We know we can’t do this alone so that is why we are asking for your help in this.

Ways you can help:

  1. Donate. We have a GoFundMe set up, that can be found HERE. In the next few weeks, we will be getting a t-shirt fundraiser going. We are also collecting redeemable recycling, so if you are local, any cans & bottles you have we will happily take off your hands. Every cent counts & we appreciate it any help we can get so much! Continue to check back on our funding page to see what current fundraisers we have going.
  2. Share. Share our GoFundMe with your friends & family. Then ask them to share it with their friends & family. The more we get this out there the better! Share our blog, as we continue to fill it with more of our journey, updates & even the things we still struggle with from our miscarriages & infertility.
  3. Pray. Specifically, pray for the woman that will be our child’s birth mother. In doing a Domestic Infant Adoption, we will be presenting to expectant mothers looking to create an adoption plan for their unborn baby. Pray for her heart, pray for her decision, pray for the community around her, pray she feels supported & loved. Pray she feels loved, respected & cherished by Casey & I. Pray for our hearts to be prepared to know how to come alongside her & support her in this in whatever way she allows. Pray for God’s hands & grace to clearly be all over this. We believe they already are, but it doesn’t hurt to keep praying for it.

We are so excited to be stepping into this but also scared & nervous, we know there’s still so much to learn through the whole adoption process but we can’t wait to see this story unfold & are so excited that we are one step closer to finally being parents!



Photos by Jared Whitney Photography