Hi! We’re the Links!

In brief….

He’s Casey. She’s Lexi.

We met in October 2008 at our church’s youth group. After dating for a few years, we were married December 1, 2012.

6 months into marriage we left California behind by following our hearts to Oregon.

In November 2013, we miscarried our first pregnancy.

Over the past few years, we miscarried 3 more times, were diagnosed with endometriosis & a chromosomal abnormality making our chances of having biological children basically impossible.

We’ve been trying to grow our family with tiny Linklets since that first pregnancy.

So that takes us to where we are today…

We’re adopting!!

We are so excited to be stepping into this journey to parenthood! There are days full of fear but we’re excited knowing we will be parents & anxiously waiting to see how our story continues to play out!

We hope these pages are filled with our story of hope, things we’re learning, things we’re going still navigating, where we’re at in the process & everything in between. We hope they are full of honesty & raw life moments.

Welcome to this little space we call The Link Link.


Photo above by Jared Whitney Photography